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Who We Are

Wanderers of Colour is a people of colour (POC) led grassroots collective based in the UK, with members across the globe.


We committed to social justice through: increasing access and participation within the outdoors and travelling, and an increased understanding of the systematics issues within these.

Our Mission

To create a community for people of colour interested in travel, living abroad, and outdoor adventurous activities that centres our experiences in an empowering, educational, and intersectional way.

To increase the number of people of colour who access the outdoors and travel through developing necessary skills and knowledge, and organising group activities to increase confidence and motivation.

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Our Story

Wanderers of Colour was established in 2016 by Ife Akinroyeje. Beginning as a Facebook group, Wanderers of Colour was created to combat the racism that people of colour experience when they travel and live abroad. The key aim then was to provide people of colour with a safe space to share our experiences, pass on knowledge, share travel photos, ask questions and vent about our travels. Our group has since grown both in membership and in our aims. In recent years, the group has moved from the online world to the physical to empower each other in real life and challenge the inequalities that we experience together.

In 2019, we went on a group trip to the Peak District. It was an amazing and empowering experience and opened a wealth of discussion into the inequality that exists within outdoor and adventurous activities (OAAA) such as hiking, camping, rock climbing, and use of National Parks in the UK. This inspired a shift in the group's focus on tackling the inequalities that exist within OAAA as well as, in travel and living abroad.

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