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For collaborations, partnerships, or sponsorship, please contact us.

See below for how to donate and our current opportunities to join the team.


Your donation helps with our admin costs and providing free or heavily subsidised places at our events for those on low income. If you would like to donate in a different way please contact us.

Join The Team

Want to join a group of awesome social justice driven Black/POC who are on a mission to try to make the outdoors and travel more inclusive and diverse?? 


Then join the Wanderers of Colour team!! ✨🌱🌿

We are looking for volunteers to join the Wanderers of Colour team and get involved in the organising and developing of the group! 

We have various roles available and if you don’t see something for you why not apply for the open role! 

All roles have a flexible time commitment to suit you! Typically it can take 1-2 hours per week, depending on the time of the year. There will be weeks which are a lot quieter with 0hrs required and some weeks with more hours required.

For all roles (except hiking and climbing facilitator) no specific experience is needed, just a passion of/commitment to what we do and our aims. Also, team members have the opportunity to get training to develop their skills and knowledge of the outdoors (including outdoor leadership and skill training)!


Roles we are recruiting for:

  • Climbing Coordinators & Facilitators (London, Midlands, & North ENGLAND)

  • Fundraising Coordinators (UK based)

  • Hiking Coordinators & Facilitators (London & North ENGLAND)

  • Social media Coordinators (Global)

  • Graphic Designers (Global)

  • Social Event Coordinators (London & North ENGLAND)

  • Facebook group moderators (Global)

  • Gear coordinator (London based)

  • General admin/Coordinator (UK based)

  • Weekend Away Coordinators (UK based)

  • Open Roles (Global)

How to Apply:

We are taking applications on a rolling basis.

Click the button below to read the role descriptions and apply using the form below. 

You're welcome to apply for more than one role in the same application. 
We will try to get in touch with all applicants within 2 weeks.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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