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Wanderers of Colour is community driven. All members can contribute to the planning and organising of activities.


Read to see the range of activities we host. If there's an activity you wish to see or if you wish to get involved by hosting an event please get in touch! 


To keep up to date with our next adventure please follow us on Instagram, join our Facebook group and WhatsApp Climbing group chat, and check out our event page.

Climbing Club


As a group we organise weekly rock climbing in London, including indoor and outdoor bouldering, top rope, and lead climbing.

We also do outdoor rock climbing trips across the UK.

Our climbing group is of mixed ability, with people ranging from complete beginners to more experienced. So even if you’ve never climbed before this is a great group for you!

Hikes and Walks

We host regular hiking and walking events across the UK,  ranging from park walks to hiking in National Parks. Everyone is welcome to our hikes regardless of ability. Come along to our hikes to connect with nature, explore the outdoors, develop your hiking skills, and meet likeminded people.

Community Retreats

Our Community Retreats are trips for us and by us. Attendees have the option to support in shaping the event and designing the programme. The trips are a great chance to visit somewhere in the UK and try out a range of outdoor activities including hiking, water-based activities, and rock climbing. The trips include lots of other exciting activities including camp fires, games, meditation, karaoke, and more!

The Wanderers of Colour WhatsApp community has various group chats where you can meet other members, and be the first to know about upcoming events. Groups within the community include:
- Climbing group
- Socials/Meet-Ups
- Swim + Water
- Ski and Snowboarding
- QTIBPOC group
- Bat and Moth Fan Club
- And more!!

We are currently working to update our system, but for now the best way to join the community is via our Climbing group. Once you complete the Google Form you will be emailed a link to the Climbing WhatsApp group, from there you can navigate through the community to explore the other groups in the community.



Facebook Community

Photo 27-10-2019, 17 50 16.jpg

Our Facebook group is for people of colour across the world to come together and connect over our love of travel, living abroad, and the outdoors.


The group is a safer space to share our experiences, pass on knowledge, share photos, ask questions or just vent. We are here to listen to the good and the bad- the places you loved and would recommend as a person of colour, places you hated and why, as well as general questions about travel, the outdoors, accommodation, nightlife, hotspots etc.

Photo 01-12-2018, 16 49 21.jpg


Our socials are a chance to connect with members in the community beyond our outdoor events.


We do meet ups online and in person including quizzes, film nights, and dinners.

We do a range of other activities including:

  • Nature and outdoor education

  • Creative workshops

  • Wellbeing sessions

  • Water-based activities

And More!

Stay Up to Date

To keep up to date with our next adventure please follow us on Instagram, join our Facebook group and WhatsApp Community and Climbing group chat, and check out our event page.

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